Dashboard Overview

The calls dashboard allows you to view and manage your incoming leads. Use the map below to familiarize yourself with the leads dashboard.

Dashboard Map

  1. Activity - The "Activity" tab is where you spend most of your time. From here you can view the call log, text messages and form submissions.
  2. Reports - View available reports.
  3. Copilot - Copilot allows you to view valuable information about a caller before you answer the phone. Learn more about Copilot here.
  4. Settings - Access various settings.
  5. Company Selector - Select the companies that you want to view.
  6. My Account -  Update your personal information and set your notification preferences.
  7. Calls Tab - View incoming calls, access voicemails and export calls to a CSV file.
  8. Texts Tab - View text messages.
  9. Forms Tab - View web form submissions.
  10. Call Graph - A visual representation of incoming calls.
  11. Calls Table - A table view of incoming calls.
  12. Filter - Set filters to view only the calls you want.
  13. Call Graph View - View daily, weekly or monthly calls.
  14. Search Call Data - Search for a specific call.
  15. Call Table Settings - Set the "Calls Table" to display specific columns.
  16. Export -  Print or Export your call log to CSV.
  17. Timeline - Go to a call's timeline view.
  18. Note - Listen to a call recording, update the lead status, assign a value and add a note to the call.
  19. Call Recording - Play a call recording. An outlined play button represents a call that you have listened to. A solid black play button represents a call that you have not listened to.
  20. Lead Status - Mark if a lead was good or not.