Call Recording

Brainstorm Web Group’s call recording feature allows you to automatically record phone calls received by your tracking numbers. After a call ends, the recording will be available to replay in your call log and email notifications.

Call recording is included within your account at no additional cost.

Listen to Recorded Calls

There are several places where you can listen to recorded phone calls. Once you’ve listened to a call, the playback icon will change colors to indicate you’ve listened to that call previously.

  • Clicking Play Recording from the call log.

  • Navigate to the caller's timeline, and play the call through the built-in audio player.

  • Through the playback button in your Call Notification emails.

Download Recorded Calls

You can download a mp3 of any call from the caller's timeline page.

  1. Navigate to your Activity dashboard.

  2. Find the call you'd like to download and click to access that caller's timeline.

  3. Select Download MP3 from beneath the recording playback.


Does call recording cost extra?

Nope! Call recording is included with your account; there's no additional cost associated with using this feature.

How long are my recordings stored?

Call recordings are stored indefinitely.

Why are my recordings shorter than the length of the call?

Call recordings are typically shorter than the call duration because we automatically trim off the silence at the beginning of the call, as well as the time that the caller spends on the phone while it is ringing.

Can I delete a call recording?

Brainstorm Web Group’s support team is able to delete recordings for you on the backend of your account. You can reach out to us with a list of the call URLs you’d like to be removed, and we’ll follow up once we’ve completed the task.

Can I download my recordings in bulk?

At this time, there’s not a way to bulk download recordings. If you’d like to download your recordings, you’ll navigate to the timeline for each call you’d like to download using the last set of instructions in this article.