Navigating Copilot

Copilot provides insight to the caller as they're dialing into your business via a tracking number. Using Copilot will allow you to see search engine, Gmail, and integration results all in one seamless, real-time dashboard.

Here's how to access Copilot:

Select Copilot at the top of the page.

Once you've entered Copilot, the 25 most recent calls will appear on the left side of the page.

You can click on a specific caller to see more information about their interactions with your business.

  • The Calling Now section shows customers who are currently calling a tracking phone number, but whose call has not yet been answered.
  • The Active Calls section shows customers who are currently speaking with a representative.
  • The Recently section shows the 25 most recent callers to your tracking number(s).

The Timeline tab presents the visitor timeline of the caller. This includes:

  • Previous calls from the customer.
  • Call recordings, as well as a link to download an mp3 of the call recording.
  • Web sessions (this is only available for keyword-level tracking numbers).
  • The visitor's source, including landing page URLs and referring URLs (this is only available for keyword-level tracking numbers).
  • If the caller has been marked as a good lead in the past.

The timeline tab is a quick way to view the same information that will be available on the call details page for your most recent callers.

You can also edit the caller's tag, note, lead status, and value from the timeline page.

The Search tab will provide search engine results through our extended caller ID sources.

Brainstorm Web Group will do a quick search for a caller's telephone number through our extended caller ID sources, and present you with all instances on the web where the caller's telephone number appears.